Truth Well Told

I love Mad Men. And I will be sorry to see it go. This season, their small agency has been swallowed by McCann Erickson. In one scene two weeks ago, all the players are at a meeting in the McCann conference room. On the wall behind the table is a plaque with McCann’s slogan. Truth Well Told.

I hadn’t thought about that slogan in years. It’s brilliant, really.  Simple. Straightforward.  And it exactly what good advertising is about. Not just saying something. That’s content. It’s about saying something that is true to what the brand stands for in a way that engages the audience.

I have never written about a commercial. I hardly watch them anymore. But every once in a while I see a commercial that just strikes me as a beautiful showcase of what a brand is all about. An example of Truth Well Told.

FitBit is the latest in personal fitness activity trackers. With a varied product line, the company positioning is simple: “There is a FitBit for everyone.” Not just hard core athletes, but any age and any activity level.

Their latest commercial clearly communicates that single, simple idea, showcasing all the kinds of folks who can use a FitBit. It’s beautifully produced, with a snappy, easy to remember song that incorporates the product name in every line (an old and clever technique used to enhance memorability). View it here. That’s the beauty of having a strong but simple positioning. It’s easy to communicate which makes it more memorable.

Even if you’re not creating a TV commercial, nailing your positioning is the best way to ensure that all your communications—from your business card to your website, even to the way the phone is answered—are consistent. Because clarity and consistency are the keys to creating a strong brand.

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