Do you need Small- or Mid-Sized Business Marketing Help?

Every business must engage in marketing to survive. Your customers need to know what you are selling. Who you tell, what you tell them and where you tell it are all critical parts of the marketing equation. If one of those elements are off, then the entire plan will be sub optimal and you will wind up leaving money on the table.

Geri Mazur Marketing provides branding and business marketing consulting to companies of all sizes. Geography is not an obstacle. We work in person, by phone or video. We are totally dedicated to providing small- and mid-sized businesses with the marketing help they need to grow.

The Process

Marketing is a process that can be applied to any business. Each step in the process answers a piece of the marketing puzzle and provides the foundation for the next step. Once those steps are taken, you are well on your way to a successful marketing campaign.

Step 1. Brand Platform Development

Commodities compete on price. Brands compete on features and benefits. Some are tangible, like service and some are intangible, like peace of mind. No matter how big or how small your company is, if it’s one person or 500, it must have a clearly defined brand platform that resonates with your target or else you will lose to the next new lower price option that is always just around the corner. The brand platform is the foundation of any successful marketing program. It informs a graphic designer, the marketing plan and all the subsequent marketing steps.

Step 2. Messaging

Once we know what the brand platform is, we create messaging to support it. Consistent messaging that supports your brand platform makes people remember your brand and is a critical part of a successful marketing strategy for small- and mid-sized businesses. When you say the same or similar things to your audience…through your website, printed materials and even your voice…they come to know you, your brand and what your brand stands for.

It’s important to clearly understand what those messages are before you venture off and begin executing your small or mid-sized business marketing strategy. We help you craft those messages so your website, printed materials and anything else you choose to use for marketing are consistent.

Step 3. Marketing Plan

There is nothing mysterious about a small- or mid-sized business marketing plan. It’s a series of actions taken on a consistent basis that deliver on your marketing objectives. Do you need to fill your pipeline? Do you need to generate greater awareness? Do you need to create a positive reputation for yourself?

We work to determine the best way for a business to reach its target and achieve the objectives of its marketing plan. What are the things you will need in place? Is it an optimized website? A social media campaign? Public speaking engagements? Someone on the street corner handing out postcards? A consistent networking and follow up plan? And what’s the best timing? We help you figure it all out, keeping your objectives in mind and staying within your budget.

Step 4. Action

Now that you have the plan, what do we need to do to get it up and running? Does a web designer need to be briefed? Does a PR professional need to be found? Do you need a plan to keep you doing your own marketing? Whatever is needed to get the word out for you and your brand, we can help you find it and do it. And we are happy to lessen your burden and manage the entire process for you.

Because Geri Mazur Marketing is affiliated with a number of providers of small- and mid-sized business marketing services, you don’t need to spend time looking for the right marketing partner. Our affiliates are vetted, understand our process and are able to provide you with marketing services that fit in your budget. Or we can work with your marketing partners. Either way, we insure that all the pieces are in place to get your marketing plan off the ground.

Whether you need small- or mid-sized business marketing consulting or one-on-one coaching, Geri takes you through these steps so that at the end of the process you have a marketing campaign that works to grow your business.

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