Geri Mazur Marketing FAQs

How much does Marketing Coaching with Geri Mazur cost?
Whether your business needs some gentle assistance, a part time CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or something in between, there are packages and plans starting as low as $747/month which includes three 50-60 minute telephone or Skype sessions plus unlimited email/phone access during the month. There are intensive programs and jumpstarts, as well. Click here to set up an appointment and we can figure out what’s best for your business and your budget.

How do we get started?
Just schedule a 30 minute free consultation. Click here. We’ll talk about what you are doing and what it is that you might need and from there we’ll sort through a path to get you there.

Don’t I need a lot of money for marketing?
Not necessarily. While big companies contribute at least 10% of gross revenues to marketing, some of the best marketing tactics just take time and legwork, like networking or setting up meetings with people. A lot of what we recommend depends on who you are targeting and the best way to reach them. And we’ll do our best to stay within your budget.

Does this process work for any type of business?
Yes. This works for retail, food, products, services, etc. Marketing is a disciplined process that be applied to any kind of business. Plus, over my 30 year career, I have worked on almost every product category that exists…food, travel, retail, business services, healthcare, health and beauty, non profits, etc. so I know it’s true.

What if I don’t have the time for marketing?
Every business needs marketing. But not every business needs the same kind of marketing. Together we will figure out a plan for growing your business that you can afford, that you have the time to do and most importantly, can stick to.