Small Business Branding through Brand Platform Development

Geri Mazur Marketing starts the small business branding process with the development of a brand platform.

Commodities compete on price. Brands compete on features and benefits. Some are tangible, like service and some are intangible, like peace of mind. No matter how big or how small your company is, if it’s one person or 500, it must have a clearly defined brand platform that resonates with your target or else you will lose to the next new lower price option that is always just around the corner. The brand platform is the foundation of any successful marketing program. It informs a graphic designer, the marketing plan and all the subsequent marketing steps.

Through a series of semi-structured questions, Geri will walk you through a process that will help define your brand as well as your target and product proposition, so the right customers and prospects will be able to identify with what you are offering. A clear definition of what you offer is the basis of any small business branding and marketing program.

Contact Geri Mazur for a complimentary ½ hour consultation to discuss your small business branding challenges.