Those who can, teach

It’s been a great summer. And it’s going to end with a two week trip to Brazil. I’m off to São Paulo, Rio and the Pantanal at the end of the month.  In the middle of the trip, I’ve got two nights in a town called Jundiai about an hour north of São Paulo.

Why there? Because I’ve been invited to give a lecture at one of Brazil’s major universities, which is in Jundiai. Yup. Little old me is teaching a class about brands to marketing students in Brazil. In English.

A couple of months ago I spent an hour talking to a lovely man about how to monetize his online newspaper. At the end of the conversation, he mentioned he was the director of a university and invited me to lecture. It’s an incredible honor and I’m thrilled about it. Not just because I finally get to see Brazil, which has long been on my bucket list, but to be able to pass on my knowledge in a significant way.

My career, either as a manager or as a coach has always had an element of teaching. But suddenly it all seems to be coming together. The university lecture, the book, a mentor for NAWBO and now Geri Mazur’s Marketing School.

The Internet has made education big these days, with webinars and online classes and all the content people put out there as part of their marketing efforts. Knowledge is available to most anyone who wants it, has the time and a little money.

For me, though, I think that when you get to a certain age and you have knowledge based on years of experience, the best gift you can give the world is to share it. That’s what this is all about.

They say those that can, do. And those who can’t teach. Well, I can. I do. And I teach.  ☺

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