Geri Mazur’s Marketing School

Have you tried different ways of marketing and didn’t see results?

Stop wasting time, money and energy on marketing that doesn’t work!

A 9-week program for solopreneurs and start-ups.

With this program you will:

  • Learn basic marketing principles and how they can improve your business
  • Find and speak to your ideal target
  • Develop the perfect elevator pitch
  • Create a marketing plan that works for your business and your budget
  • Gain confidence about marketing and know what to do in the future

Step 1: Clarifying your business.

In this module, we drill down to find your best niche and what exactly you are offering your customers.

Step 2: Defining and finding your ideal customer

Here we focus on your target customer. We create a detailed profile of them and who else they come in contact with.

Step 3: Creating a brand your customer wants.

This week is about creating your brand story, the foundation of a marketing effort.

Step 4: Marketing Your Brand

In this module we cover story telling, general communication and the important elevator pitch.

Step 5: Networking

Week five is about taking the sales out of networking and really creating a network that works for you.

Step 6: Getting the word out

Here is where we being to figure out what needs to be in your marketing plan. We cover newsletters/blogs, public speaking and email marketing.

Step 7: Advertising, PR and Social Media

What’s the difference? And what makes the most sense for your brand? Everything you need to know to figure that out and create a strategy.

Step 8: The Sales Funnel

Marketing can only take you so far. We explore the sales funnel, getting leads, following up, and closing the sale.

Step 9: Putting the plan together

Finally, we put a plan together, based on what makes the most sense for your business and your budget.

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