I’m going to look for Santa

Next week I’m leaving for Helsinki.  From there I go to Stockholm and from there I scoot north until I’m way above the Arctic Circle. I’ll be about as close as I can get to Santa without crossing the Arctic Ocean.

Some people think I’m crazy. Why am I leaving a relatively warm NY winter to go where there is no warmth, no matter what?  Sure I’ll be armed with layers and hats and down and heavy boots.  But still…am I nuts?

I don’t think so.  Those who know me know I’m not necessarily a thrill seeker.  I don’t go in for bungee jumping.  But I do believe it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and I try to do it on a fairly regular basis.  Sometimes it’s my choice… like taking an exotic vacation, or pursuing a new career.   And sometimes, like when I got divorced, it wasn’t my choice at all.  But each event, whether planned or not, changed me for the better.   Those experiences pushed me in a new direction or gave me clarity about an old direction, or taught me something I needed to know…about myself or about others.  They all changed me somehow. And whatever that somehow was, the end result was always positive.  Even if the process didn’t feel very positive.

I tell my clients if you want different you need to do different.  (Hmm, I think I even said it in last month’s blog).  And this experience is going to be really different.

Northern Lights.  Dog sleds.  Reindeer.  The Ice Hotel.  The Sami culture.  So what if it’s cold and dark.  It’s an adventure.  It will change me.  And I am looking forward to it.

You, too.  Try an adventure. Any adventure. It doesn’t have to be an exotic travel adventure. Maybe just something you have never done before.  Because it’s not where you go on adventure that counts.  It’s where the adventure takes you.



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