I’m back. It’s been hard for me to actually write this after so long. Harder for me to publish it.  But I figured I might was well come clean. I’m guilty. I was very very busy with work last year and I let my marketing slide. Like many of my clients. I can only delegate work to me and there just wasn’t enough time in my day to focus.

It’s the biggest NO NO in marketing practices and here I am as guilty as the next.  While it’s not an excuse, there is a real reason why we fall into the pattern.

Marketing is a long-term process. It’s important. Critically important. But because it’s ongoing, there isn’t much urgency attached to it. And because there is no urgency, it’s the first thing to fall off our plates. Sales, dollars and the work that generates those dollars, has an urgency. And so given that there is only 24 hours in a day, that tends to be the place we put our energy. It’s human nature.

It’s a really bad idea to let your marketing slide. I won’t bore you with all the studies that have been done to prove why it’s a bad idea. Just trust me on that. So when I work with clients, we develop a plan of action that is sustainable over time, where the marketing tasks become habits, the time is calendared in, and we strive to let nothing get in the way of that. Marketing becomes a priority, as it should be. And I hold you accountable for it.

I’m going to coach myself this year. Put marketing in the calendar. Create new habits. And I hope you hold me accountable for it.

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