10 reasons to attend a networking event

Getting potential customers into your pipeline is a necessity for every business and there are lots of ways to do that.  For example, advertising and public relations can play a role.  For many people, such as professional service providers, networking is a critical component of business building.  Yet some of my clients, especially those who are just starting out, are totally intimidated by the idea of going to a networking event.  Certainly I know I was.
For you, then, I provide my top ten reasons to attend a networking event.

10. You can hone and refine your elevator pitch.
9.   You can find referral partners.
8.   You can find out about other networking events.
7.   You can make new friends, who might even refer business.
6.   You can get dates.
5.   You can get drinks…and sometimes they are free.
4.   It gets you out of the house or office.
3.   They’re fun.
2.   You can find new business.
And my number one reason to attend a networking event…..
1.    Where else can you get to spend so much time talking about yourself???


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