OMIGOD. I missed June.

Oh hell.  Now where did that month go?  Is it because there was some inkling of positive movement around the economy and I was just really busy?  Everyone I know was crunching away in June on something or other and desperately trying to figure out how to manage all the things they have to do in any particular day.  I kept telling myself that I would write a new blog post…tomorrow.  And now I wake up and look at the calendar and see that I missed June entirely.  And that is not a good thing.

Your audiences expect regular communication. Too much time away from them and you fall down to the bottom of their brains.  We all have limited brain space to retain information and it’s your job to make sure we retain you.  It’s important for you to stay top of mind, so that when people actually need your product or service, they think of you.

There are lots of ways to accomplish that.  Regular newsletters are just one way. Or you can just send them an individual email.  But remember, a “hi, how are you?” email is probably going to get deleted. It’s certainly not going to get remembered.  Something of value to them as business people, some bit of education or business building idea, will do a much better job of imprinting those synapses with your name.  Don’t try to sell them something. They get sold to all the time.  Try to help their business.

Think about an email with an article of interest, or links to a great website or blog post.  Event invitations can also keep you in mind.  Or better yet, try a business referral or make a connection for them.  That will always get someone’s attention and generate tons of good will.  Or try this….   If you’ve had a positive experience with someone, send a note offering yourself as a reference.  At the very least, they will be happy to return the favor if they can. At best, they will remember you when they or someone else needs you.

Today, a communication that isn’t electronic sticks out from the endless mass of tweets and emails that we all get to comb through.  A small gift or a card via snail mail makes a refreshing change.  But please, a tschotchke for tschotchke’s sake is not good enough.  Make it something useful, please.

The best way to keep top of mind is to provide value regularly in a way that breaks through the inbox clutter.  I vow to do that myself from now on.  And I missed you too.

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